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Giveaway Gifts

Corporate gifts with your own logo, design and message; Custom giftPut smiles on peoples faces with the best give away gifts that come from Dutch Mini Gardens!
These nice colorful mini-boxes contain complete planting kits and are great wholesale gift products. The little presents contain soil and high quality seeds and bulbs that really grow and produce plants and flowers. A large range of products that appeals to people of all ages all over the world.

Communicate your message in an original and remarkable way!
As attractive (business) promotional products the miniboxes can be personalised with your logo and/or advertising message. They are very popular at trade shows and fairs and are used as corporate gifts worldwide.

The mini boxes are also loved for events such as Mother's Day, Valentine's day, Saint Patrick's Day etc. Use the appropriate flower for each event. Create your own design!
Besides logo and message you can actually use your own design. We will be glad to hear your ideas and to inform you about the sheer endless possibilities. Please contact us here.

Give away gifts that people like

wholesale gifts - your giveaway gift that puts a smile on the face of people of all agesOf course promotional gifts and giveaway's are popular because they are free. But these presents are loved by all people the whole year through. The Dutch Mini Gardens are:

  • Attractive and original corportate gifts
  • Personalised with compact retail display and fancyfull origami packaging
  • Creative and exciting product range with a large variety
  • Appeals to people of all ages
  • The perfect "pick-me up" gift
  • great "stocking stuffers"
  • custom gift ideas for different occasions such as:
    - Mother's Day
    - Valentine's day
    - Saint Patrick's Day
    - Weddings & Anniversaries
    - Openings, Fairs, trade shows,
    - nice gifts for Hotel Guests
    - Or just for a simple: "Thank You"

Promotional gifts; Great wholesale gift! Use your own design for the display box

Dutch Mini Garden Gifts that make people smile