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Design Your Own Mini Box 


Dutch Mini Gardens are available in 4 standard varieties: 4-leaf clover, edelweiss, cannabis and opium poppy. Optional are forget-me-not, wild rose, alpine strawberry, wood violet, cherry tomato, aster and blue fir tree. This wide choice offers the unique opportunity for the customer to choose the type of plant that fits best the occasion. The mini boxes are available in 1 sort per display box or in a mix.

For promotional purposes, events, trade fairs and special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day the mini boxes can be supplied with your own design. However the prices for customized mini box printing highly depend on the quantity ordered.

0 - 1500 mini boxes - tampon printing on the blank side of the standard mini box

200 - 3000 mini boxes - sticker on the blank side of the standard mini box

1500 - any quantity of mini boxes - fully customized printing of all sides of the mini box and the sticker of the display box.

Extra costs will be added to the list prices and are very limited at large quantities.

October 2013