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New exciting versions: Edelweiss / Cannabis / Opium Poppy

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Full name: Leontopodium alpinum.
This plant can be found in Europe in the Alps, Jura, Carpathian Mountains, the Balkans, the Apennine Mountains and the Pyrenees mountains. It blossoms from June till August and like sun and a dry place do well on a rocky surface.
The popular flowers used to be picked by tourists and therefore have almost disappeared in most areas. Picking nowadays is forbidden. However it is not difficult to grow the plant in a pot or the garden.
Full name: Cannabis Sativa. English: Hemp, German: Hanf, French: Chanvre
Cannabis Sativa is part of the family of cannabinoids. Cannabis Sativa is mostly called ´hemp´ which is not suitable for the production of drugs. The percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is too low. According to EU-norms the percentage has to be below 0,2%. In the cannabis variants for the production of drugs this THC-percentage is much higher and sometimes up to a 100 times.
Cannabis Sativa has it´s origin in warm areas and can, in ideal circumstances, grow up to a height of 6 meters. Depending on being male or female the plant blossoms with pairs of small balls (male) which develop into flowers:
Opium Poppy
Full name: Papaver Somniferum with several sub species. ´Papaver Somniferum subspecies Somniferum´ with white flowers is grown for opium, especially in Afghanistan. The milky juice contains about 10% opium.
There are several sub species which contain hardly any opiates.
Papaver seeds will germinate between 12 – 22°C which can be done from January till March indoors. Germination time is between 7 – 21 days. In the garden is possible between May and July and also in September/October. Early seeding will give blossom after 60 days.

January 2013